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Vision & Mission

Incessant progress towards perfection in learning, teaching and realizing their outcomes in creation of world class human resource in civil engineering and the most appropriate technologies in the discipline.

Our mission is to create world class civil engineering technocrats for tomorrow, which is achieved by
• Mentoring, inspiring and educating emerging youngsters of our profession to meet industrial requirements.
• Functioning as a reliable resource for society through activities like professional organisations, education and consultancy.

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• To bring forth the civil engineering graduates competent to work productively in civil engineering and allied projects.
• To develop core competency amongst civil engineering under-graduates so as to formulate, analyse and solve civil engineering problems by applying reinforced basics of engineering as a tool.
• To discipline the civil engineering under-graduates which helps in understanding the projects from part to whole, in terms of technology, economy, social aspects and environmental aspects.
• To boost curiosity and innovation amongst students and to propel them for learning and advanced studies in civil engineering.
• To engrain confidence, professional responsibilities and ethical sense among students so that they strive for the betterment of society.

Job opportunities

• The civil engineering career unfolds a great deal of opportunity in different Government Sectors by engaging in all prima construction projects developed by Central and State Government agencies.
• There are also adequate opportunities in the private sector for civil engineers as a Construction Engineer, Hydraulics Engineer, Structural Engineer, Transportation Engineer and Environmental Engineer etc.
• Civil engineers can also get employed in armed forces where they can make assertive inputs in fortifying our country.
• Civil engineers can become successful managers and entrepreneurs by starting up their own engineering consultancy and construction company.

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Basic Material Testing Laboratory

Surveying Practice

Higher Surveying

Applied Engineering Geology

Computer Aided Design

Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machinery

Geotechnical Engineering

Extensive Survey

Environmental engineering

Concrete and Highway Materials Testing

Computer Structural Analysis

Course at Glance:
Building Materials and Construction
Concrete Technology
Geotechnical Engineering
Strenght of Materials
Structural Analysis
Hydrology and Irrigation Engineering
Hydraulics and Hydraulic Machines
Transportation Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Building Planning and Drawing CAED
Basic Material Testing Lab
Design of RCC Structures
Environmental Engineering
Rural Water Supply and Sanitation
Design of Steel Structures
Estimation and Valuation



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