(Approved by AICTE and Affiliated to Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi)

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There are many ways to learn


  • Demonstrate sustained learning and adapt to the constantly changing technologies through higher studies, professional development and self-study.

  • Have technological skills, soft skills and social skills towards Industry readiness and for contribution to society.

  • Have professional ethics, good communication and leadership capabilities for continued success in life.

  • Vision

  • To develop quality Mechanical Engineers to meet the ever changing needs of the economy.

  • To strive hard in inculcating students with best knowledge and latest skills to ensure competitive edge in the current scenario.

  • Mission

  • Commitment to provide high quality technical education at under graduate level by means of state of art curriculum with best teaching learning process.

  • AboutMechanical Engineering


    • Students will have knowledge and skills in core mechanical and allied subjects of engineering, to identify, analyze, design and develop mechanical systems, meeting needs of society.
    • Demonstrate an ability to visualize and work on muti disciplinary teams.
    • Understand the professional and ethical responsibilities.
    • Communicate effectively.
    • The broad education necessary to understand the impact of engineering solutions in the global scenario.

    Academic details

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    Our Department Toppers


    1. CAED / CAMD : 200.00 (in Sq.mts)Major Equipments: PCs, UPS, Peripherals like Printers etc.
    2. CIM & AUTOMATION: 200.00 (in Sq.mts)Major Equipments: PCs & Software
    3. COMPUTER AIDED MODELLING AND ANALYSIS: 100.00 (in Sq.mts) Major Equipments: PCs & Software
    4. DESIGN: 100.00(in Sq.mts) Major Equipments: Polari scope, Journal bearing apparatus Principal Stresses and strain Balancing of rotating masses Vibration Studies Whirling of shaft apparatus Universal governor apparatus Motorized gyroscope Stresses and Strain Curved beam
    5. ENERGY CONVERSION: 220.00(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine, Test Rig with Accessories Four Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine, Test Rig with Accessories Two Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine etc..
    6. FLUID MECHANIC AND MACHINERY:220.00(in Sq.mts) Major Equipments: Pipe Friction – Major Losses – (Close Circuit), Impact of Jet on Vanes Apparatus –(Close Circuit), Orifice meter, Venturi meter, Nozzle meter etc..
    7. FOUNDRY AND FORGING: 230.0(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Universal Sand testing Machine (Hydraulics), Shear attachments, Tensile Strength attachments, Transverse Strength attachments, Sieve Shaker Rapid Moisture tester, Sand Rammer, Permeability meter etc..
    8. HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER:200.00(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Experimental Setup, Thermal Conductivity of Metal Rod Experimental Setup, Heat Transfer Co-efficient of a Composite Wall Experimental Setup etc
    9. MACHINE SHOP:300.00(in Sq.mts) Major Equipments:AMT Lathe Machine, AMT All geared head lathe Machine, AMT Horizontal Universal Milling Machine etc..
    10. METALLOGRAPHY AND MATERIAL TESTING260.00(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Universal Testing Machine – UTM – 60 Ton, Extensometer Universal Testing Machine Shear Attachment for Computerized Universal Testing Machine, Vickers Hardness Tester with standard accessories etc..
    11. MEASUREMENT AND METROLOGY:200.00(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Calibration of Pressure Gauge, Calibration of Thermo couple, Calibration of L.V.D.T, Calibration of Load Cell etc
    12. BASIC WORKSHOP PRACTICE LAB:200.00(in Sq.mts)Major Equipments:Anvil, Angle Plate, Bench Vice, Flat Cold Cut chisel, Drilling Machine, Flat Smooth and Rough file etc

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    • Coorg Institute of Technology, Ponnampet, Kodagu
    Duration 3 | 4 YEAR
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    Alumini Testimonials

    • Our campus have a very good infrastructure, The faculty members are very knowledgeable. We have well qualified lecturers who are well versed in their respective fields. They are very helpful and kind . They use power point presentations and subject related videos for better learning. We even have industrial visits every semester which gives us more exposure.

      Padmanabh, Mysore
    • CIT College is Committed to the standards of education, Sports, Technical Activities and other provisions the institute with thoughtful and constructive. Faculties , Principal and management of our college support to prove our all kinds of talents. Thank you CIT for giving many wonderful experience to me.

      Vishwas D B , Kushal Nagar
    • Provides all round development to the students. Which has a good infrastructure and surrounding environment . The faculty members give proper guidance in order to achieve your goal. Apart from studies, many workshops and co curriculum activities are conducted which provides the students to multiple exposure .To sum up,its a good institution to pursue engineering.

      Mandanna M S , Virajpet
    • A very good college with friendly and encouraging faculty members, mechanical engineering department is one of the dynamic departments in CIT, which always takes interest in organizing various programs for the overall development of the students. Proud to be part of it.

      Linitha, kodagu
    • Good atmosphere, Best transport facility. They support for both studies as well other co-curricular activities. Friendly and helping faculties and best lab setup. We get verities of food, snacks. CIT college Makes students feel comfortable in all aspects.

      Rakshith Rajashekar, Hunsur
    • I am currently employed with JDA software as a Technical analyst. I graduated from Coorg institute of technology (CIT) in the year 2013 specializing in Electronics and communication. It gives me great pleasure to say with pride that I have completed my graduation from CIT.I attribute my success to the training and learning atmosphere that was provided to me during my graduation days. I would like to thank all the faculties and staff of EC department for being a important part in my college life.

      BOJAMMA K S, Coorg
    • For me, Life in Coorg Institute of Technology has been breath-taking and enriching. The environment not only helped me in imbibing knowledge but also in developing my overall personality, fuelling confidence in me. CIT has achieved excellence in imparting high quality education with prime focus on holistic learning and inculcating competitive abilities in students which has helped me immensely. My sincere thanks to all the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in CIT family for their support and altruism.

      Manu M Nair, Kerala